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What are the factors you need to consider in your product packaging


Product packaging is an important aspect of marketing your product and selling your products. Packaging is a crucial element of selling your products, and the visual design often becomes a consumers’ first encounter with you as well. The durable package can keep them safe from damage during shipment, it's also something that will appeal aesthetically to those who see its exterior before even opening up what was inside.

When designing the packaging for your next product, it’s important to consider some main points. Today we would like to share three principles when you decide on your product packaging.


1. Having a good quality is always the fundamental function

Packaging is an essential part of selling goods. It protects your product from damage, water, and other elements that can harm it while in transit or storage but also aid its presentation so people will buy what you're selling.

A good packaging job means taking into account all possible risks - like impact against tables if someone drops something heavy onto them, humidity and temperature variation. Remember: sometimes less protection equals increased safety because more fragile items need extra care during handling even though this may seem counterintuitive at first glance.

For your product, you want a durable and protective package that will keep it safe from moisture/dust/temperature variation as well as impact. Socks need less protection than glassware which in turn has even fewer safeguards against water damage compared with electronics. In a word, when designing your packaging, don’t forget safety.

2. Make sure that your products are visible on the shelves

With so many products vying for attention, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. For new items especially with only a small share of shelf space shoppers never notice your product let alone consider buying them. One way you can stand out from other brands is by using contrast - either through color blocking or unique packaging structure/iconography (or both).

In order for new products and brands to stand out, they need visual contrast. The key differentiator is how you use color or logos on your packaging materials, this can come in many forms such as using blocks of one shade against another but also being very bold by putting everything together so there aren't any dead spots where shoppers will miss seeing them if anything else around had caught their eye first.

To make a clear distinction between your products, change one primary design element such as color or shape. This way you can leverage your brand equity while still showing continuity with what has come before it in order not to confuse customers who might be familiar only by sight rather than through name association alone

3. Deliver realistic expectations about the product inside

It's not enough to just create an attractive promise with your packaging design. Your packages must actually deliver on the product inside them and give shoppers realistic expectations about what they are buying, or else all of that hard work will go down as failed miserably. "The reality is that when people buy something new - even if it be through traditional retail channels like stores or online retailers-they bring along a set of pre assumptions created largely due to how package clung onto these misconceptions," says Packaging Strategies in their article 'How To Avoid Selling Bad Products'.

When you are designing your packaging, it is important to keep in mind that speedy shoppers will gravitate towards a package with well-organized information. To limit confusion and maximize efficiency on the eye level for these consumers (and everyone else), remember that only one font style or typeface should be used throughout all of its components, this includes both copywriting elements as well symbol usage. Furthermore, make sure everything has room enough around each piece so there isn't too much excess white space visible when viewed up close

It's not enough to be good, you have got work on your side. Stand out from the competition and make sure they know what makes YOU different from anyone else.

The very last point that we will tackle in another article is how EcoFriendly your packaging is. Do not underestimate this criterion as it’s just the beginning as countries and governments enforce by-laws every day on this topic



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