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Last Chance to stock up before Chinese New Year!


In three months, the Chinese New Year will come! Do you think it's too early to start preparing your new project and produce enough stock before the big holiday? It's always important for retailers to have enough stock at the beginning of the year to avoid running out of products and not meeting demand. It's especially important this year because many Chinese factories will be closed during the festival and won't be able to produce goods until March. This is a time for family, to give thanks, peace and prosperity, which is why we can sense such great energy in the air before it arrives. Getting more prepared now will help you avoid running out of products once the New Year hits.

Don't get caught unprepared for the upcoming Chinese New Year by stocking up on all your products now!


The Chinese New Year is coming soon

The Chinese New Year is one of the most important celebrations in the Chinese calendar. It's also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. The holiday celebrates the beginning of the new year on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar, typically occurring in late January or early February. The festival has been celebrated for over 2,000 years and during this time, it has become deeply ingrained into Chinese culture.

The coming Chinese New Year Celebration will be the first of February 2022. Every year Chinese New Year is celebrated 15 days from the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar. During this period, many people make resolutions and visit their elders to share greetings and good wishes for peace and prosperity.

1. Why you need to stock up before Chinese New Year

Traditionally, there won't be any factories working and people will take time off work for this period due to the importance of Chinese New Year. This will slow down all the productions in factories and make it difficult for offices to be productive.

Chinese New Year is only 3 months away, but you should start preparing for the new production now. There are so many details to take care of and this will be difficult if we wait until fall!

It seems like a short time before Chinese New Year comes around again in February. However, considering all our other holidays during November or December when it can get really busy with work on projects too. You might want to consider starting early before things become overwhelming as they may hamper progress due date. Retailers need enough inventory on hand in order not only meet customer demand but also stay competitive with other stores around town! Plus, you need to make sure production will be Shipped out of the country and not stock at the factory dur the 15 days of celebration.

How long should the project be reserved from the beginning to the end?

The time range for different projects may have major differences.

Normally, we can separate them into three big parts: before the production (pre-production), during production and after it is complete.

2. Before Production

Before doing the production, you need to research the factories and sourcing for the products. This also included lots of communication with the suppliers. You also need to notice that the communication may take a long time since there’s the time difference, language and culture barrier.

Inspecting whether the factories are qualified and can meet your requirements takes some time. It's also a good idea to ask for samples before ordering any goods, as they may not be what you expect when it finally arrives at home! After you place your order, it can take up to three weeks for the samples and freight shipment. Of course that's just one step in an extensive process!

After deciding to work with the factory, you still need time for design preparation. If there is no help in designing or packaging that can meet all your needs under one roof then it may be worth contacting another nearby supplier who specializes just on those components while also producing high-quality results at competitive prices. It’s important that you make sure the packaging for your products is secure and arrives in the master goods factory on time.

It’s best to contact the laboratories if you need some certificates of origin or other documents for shipping your products back. Last, but not least communication is key when dealing with customs, they may request that information be communicated clearly so there are no errors in their records after receiving them as part of an official shipment entering their country's borders from abroad. Also remember to communicate with forwarders about shipment details so they can see whether or not there are any ways in which they might help facilitate them coming back home safely!

To settle the payment may take some time since we are using exchange. All of our preparations including those mentioned above and more that didn’t get covered will take a long period of one month or even longer to complete, generally speaking!

3. During Production

The time it takes to produce a product can vary depending on the product itself, the quantity and quality of your suppliers. If you have an order with specific specifications, then production lead times will be decided by those particular characteristics in advance, but sometimes things are more flexible!

As mainland China has a new electricity policy at the moment (October 2021), which limits power usage for industrial production. The time of production will be affected a lot. Usually 30 working days are quite reasonable for the entire production of an item depending on other factors that may extend it even further than expected!

4. After Production

The final stage of a production process is packaging and shipment. It can take more time if there are any issues with the goods or products, but in most cases they will be ready for shipping after we finish our work on them.

Contacting the forwarder for the final price and arranging shipping can be very time consuming. Not only do you need to prepare all of your documentation, but also it takes a long time depending on how you will ship it too. It can take up to a month or even more for sea or train shipping depending on the current situation.

A three months buffer may not be enough time to get prepared for the new project in order to avoid running low at the beginning of next year. In reality there will probably be more difficulties and challenges that you'll have to deal with if they arise so it's best practice just plan ahead!



Retailers need to make sure they have enough stock before the Chinese New Year. It's time to get stocked up on all your products, so you don't run out of product once the new year hits and all factories close for half a month.

If you want more information, or would like us to help with this process contact MWT Sourcing today! You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.


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